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Cooking in Italy

Our cooking classes (featured in USA TodayBudget Travel MagazineFood & Wine, The Guardian & more) are hands-on & truly from the 'farm to the table' with the first stop down to the garden farm to collect fresh fruits & veggies!  Everything we eat is local & seasonal! Chef Jason shares the secrets of cucina povera (peasant cooking) in full day & half day classes as well as custom packages.

Thinking of taking a cooking class in Italy? How to decide which class to take - Amateur or expert, young & old - here's what to expect at La Tavola Marche Cooking School: Meet in the kitchen of our 300 year-old stone farmhouse, tie on your handmade apron (our gift to you) and head into the garden to collect the ingredients for your cooking class with a stop at the chicken coop to pick up fresh eggs! These are hands-on, roll up your sleeves, dive-right on in classes. We cater to our guests at every cooking level from the novice to the professional.

hands-on, farm to table

Enjoy the afternoon with Chef Jason in the Italian countryside with a glass of wine in your hand, cooking at ease in our family kitchen and then devour the delicious foods you have just created! Does it get any better? Creating & sharing a meal with friends & family around the table with the freshest ingredients prepared simply! 

Half Day Cooking Classes--

About 4 hours of class, all hands-on, includes meal & house wine as well as a handmade apron gift for € 125/person

Full Day Cooking Classes--

Begins mid-morning and continues all day normally ending around 8pm; includes meal, snacks & house wine as well as a handmade apron gift for € 200/person

Immerce yourself in the Marche countryside, connect with the locals & traditions through food!

3 Night Summer Special

JUNE - AUGUST Arrive any Thursday departing on Sunday

from 720 Euro/COUPLE

Arrive to our legendary Thursday Pizza Party, the next day join the Chef & feel like a local on a tour of the hidden meat & cheese market of Apecchio (with a little porchetta along the way), a craft beer tasting & tour followed by lunch at the ‘hunter’s hideaway’ and on Saturday enjoy a half day cooking class including wine, meal & our custom hand-made apron! Includes accommodations. Price based on PESCA apartment

3 Nights Fall Foraging 

SEPT & OCT from 360 Euro/person
3 nights accommodation with breakfast, five course dinner with local wine, wild edibles walk & mushroom hunt followed by apertivi and half day cooking class (class includes meal, wine & gift apron). Includes accommodations. Price based on PESCA apartment (double occupancy) *Ask about including a TRUFFLE HUNT!!

3 Night Gourmet Getaway

SEPTEMBER & OCTOBER Arrive any Thursday departing on Sunday
 from 750 Euro/COUPLE

Arrive to our five course feast, the next day join the Chef & feel like a local on a tour of the hidden meat & cheese market of Apecchio (with a little porchetta along the way), a craft beer tasting & tour followed by lunch at the ‘hunter’s hideaway’ and on Saturday enjoy a half day cooking class including wine, meal & our custom hand-made apron! Includes accommodations. Price based on PESCA apartment (double occupancy). *Add extra nights if you'd like!!

6th Annual Forage Slaughter & Butcher Your Meal:

Forage, Slaughter & Whole Hog Butchery Course

25 OCTOBER - 30 OCTER 2016
​925 Euro/person

If you call yourself a "foodie," pig lover, wine-o, gourmet or gourmand this culinary holiday is for you! A carnivore’s delight - whole hog butchering course, sausage making, chicken slaughtering with hands-on cooking classes, mushroom hunting, wine tour & cheese tasting with lunch and truffle festivals. Includes: 5 nights accommodations, welcome five course feast, two full day cooking classes, wine tour & transportation, mushroom hunt, 2 butchery classes, pig-farm tour & lunch, breakfast daily, three lunches, four dinners, evening snack, wine with meals, heating, all taxes. (Based on double occupancy. Special discounted rate for group of 4 or more.)

Other Classes, Events & Workshops:

Feel Like a Local Friday's Market Tour, Tasting & Lunch

EVERY FRIDAY: Market trip & tour of artisan meat and cheese warehouse, porchetta tasting (watch the video above) and traveling market walk, visit to Collesi for award-winning craft beer tasting & tour, finishing with lunch at “the hunter’s hideaway!” 75 Euro/person
 (special price for families and groups)

Sausages from Scratch

Start with a knife in hand & pork shoulder on the table, finish with a fork in table & table full of sausages! Spend the day elbow deep in meat, learn the local recipe for fresh sausages using only pork shoulder, white wine, salt & pepper. Grind, fill and twist almost 10 kilos of sausages. Includes meal, wine, apron and extra sausages to take with you!
200 Euro/person *minimum of 2 

Whole Hog Butchery Course

In collaboration with our friends at Cal'Bianchino. First a tour of their sustainable farm. Then Master Butcher Carlo will artfully demonstrate on half a pig how to butcher the beast while explaining how to use the meat he's carving in local dishes. He is a master at the art of butchery and charcuterie. Now it's your turn to take the knife and begin butchering the other half! Carlo and Jason will guide you through each step. Dive into charcuterie and curing techniques making rolled pancetta, sausages, salami, etc. After the work is done - a proper farmers feast!
220 Euro/person *minimum of 2 (special group rate)

Wood Oven Class
Learn to properly fire up and use the wood oven for more than just pizza. Utilizing the oven at three different temperatures we will make; Pizza, Stuffed Lemons (Appetizer) and Peposa (Slow Cooked Lamb) which will cook OVERNIGHT! Includes meal, wine & handmade apron gift.
200 Euro/person *minimum of 2

Gelato & Sorbet Pairing = 125 Euro/person
with guest Instructor & Master Gelato Maker, Antonio from the award-winning Artisan Gelateria Maki in Fano we spend the afternoon creating 6 diverse gelato and sorbet flavors. Pairing beer sorbet with peanuts, making tomatoes & basil gelato as well as the classic dark chocolate or vanilla bean! It is a lesson on science as much as it is on pairing the flavors of the kitchen. (includes meal, wine and apron).
    Mushroom & Truffle hunts with local experts, vineyard tours & walks for wild edibles! 

    Click here for more information on Cooking Classes in Italy

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