Thursday, June 7

Podcast from Italy: House Hunting in Italy Tips

This is a short but info packed episode! Sharing a slice of our Move to Italy Workshops - we share a few tips & important questions to ask while house hunting in Italy! It can all be so exciting and dreamy but take the time to ask these questions to the estate agent or owner to help you understand if this house is right for you, not to mention red flags to look out for!

Then we turn to bitchin' about bureaucracy, one of our favorite infrequent segments, while stewing in paper work and immigration we can't help but share a few of our frustrations. Plus the usual updates from the farmhouse, we're bottling 300 + liters of local wine & the local gossip!

... And a little podcast gossip - according to PlayerFM we are in the 50 Best Italy Podcasts 2018 (we're actually in the top 10!) right behind all the Rick Steve's Podcasts!!

Thanks for listening!! Podcast from Italy #120
House Hunting in Italy Tips & Bitchn' about Bureaucracy 
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Photo of Monte Nerone - the big beautiful mountain above Piobbico. Just a lovely reminder of why we love living here...

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