Saturday, May 5

Spring photos from our farmhouse in Italy

Just a few photos taken this Spring at our farmhouse & cooking school and out & about in Le Marche.

The photo above is laundry day in Sant'Angelo in Vado. Stopping at the bank and making my way through the busy main street I noticed the colourful laundry and couldn't resist!

Below are the busy hands at work during our Pasta & Sauces Class - closing properly our homemade ravioli stuffed with wild greens and ricotta.

Introducing our newest addition to the farm: a young turkey - we're naming him Pablo thanks to a suggestion from a 9 year old Dutch girl that has been a guest every summer with her family the last 5 years!

Coming up from the coop, our laundry dancing in the Spring breeze.

 Part 2 of the Pasta & Sauces Class - handcut tagliatelle!

Cleaning artichokes outside during our Four Course Dinner Party Class...

then back in the kitchen and back to work!

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