Saturday, March 31

Recipe: Baccalá Mantecato | Whipped Salt Cod Crostini

Last Spring we took a weekend getaway to Venice to see the opera La Bohéme. It was an unforgettable evening, but what was forever etched in my memory was the baccalá montecato we ate for lunch that day! (I know that's horrible of me!)  Baccalá montecato (whipped salt cod) is a well known dish in the Veneto, however we live 4 hours south in Le Marche which means it's not found on any menu or local cookbooks that I can find... And if you ask Dr. Gaggi he'll tell you it doesn't exist! Seriously, that's what he told us.  We try to keep the recipes on our blog local to Le Marche but this one is just too good not to share!

A beautiful antipasto/appetizer for your Easter Sunday Lunch and easy to make for a large group as an elegant crostini. Also perfect as a light lovely lunch with a salad tossed in white wine vinegar on the side then topped with an anchovy or simply chive!

The most important part of baccala is the planning. We buy the salt cod still under salt. It typically takes us 4-5 days of soaking the fish and changing the water once a day to de-salt it (is that even a word?!) How do you know when it's ready? Wait for the thickest part of the fish to be nice and spongy and not the hard feel as before. The thicker part of the filet will take longer to de-salt/rehydrate than the tails and belly.

Bear with us as we test out a few new formats for our recipes as you can see below. (Try clicking on the recipe & it will pop out larger and then you can print it!)

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