Sunday, March 11

{Podcast from Italy} D.I.Y vs. Hire a Pro, Politics in Italy and Food: What's in Fashion vs. What's in Season

 Holy smokes - it's a crap-shoot most days in Italy if you will get everything crossed off your to-do list and today has been epic - everything from the shopping to house work has gotten done! The fireplace and kitchen are damn near set just in time for guests to arrive in less than a week!

The cap/hood for the stove has a new whole in the wall - without  a hitch! Which makes us pose the question - when to D.I.Y and when to hire the pros...Plus And listen for a SPEICAL OFFER for our Podcast Listeners for our Move to Italy Workshops

Jason comments on Jeremiah Tower's article/interview in Bon Apetite and his thoughts on cooking with what's in fashion vs. what's in season. A little local gossip of course and the usual updates from our farmhouse. What happens when you have credit card fraud in Italy? (Pray it doesn't happen) A few thoughts on the election coverage and politics in Italy. And GPS vs. an old school DRIVING MAP!  And check out the backroad to our farmhouse hat has collapsed...

Thanks for listening!! Podcast from Italy #117 Podcast from Italy:
D.I.Y vs. Hire the Pro, Move to Italy Workshop, Politics & Jeremiah Tower’s Thoughts on Food
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