Monday, May 8

Podcast from Italy: A Road Trip to Puglia

Well it's only taken us 8 years of recording podcasts (at times very sporadically) to finally break 100 episodes! We started recording the "Podcast from Italy" from our kitchen table as a way to candidly share with you what life is really like at our farm, inn and cooking school as American expats in a foreign land. We figured why not give it a shot? Even if we sound ridiculous, who would really listen anyway... Well we can't thank you enough for finding us and listening to our silly stories (with bad Italian & little to no real facts). As the years went one the podcast expanded to travels beyond, interviews, tales of moving abroad, roadblocks we've encountered, always a Dr. Gaggi update and most recently reading excerpts from what I just call - the book (my unfinished, unpublished, untitled book about our first year in Italy). If I do the math correct, we started the podcast in 2008 so we should hit 200 episodes sometime in 2025!

This week's episode a Road Trip to Puglia: Our season is underway with yoga retreats, cooking classes & bottling wine! An update on the coop - it's a full house with our new chickadees (instagram video below)! During a break in guests we packed our bag & snuck away South to Puglia and tell you all about our adventure in buying caciocavallo cheese!

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