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How to Own & Operate a B&B in Italy: Consulting Workshop April 2017

We are very excited to announce our first consulting workshop on moving, living & working in Italy! after years of consistently receiving detailed-question packed emails from expat hopefuls curious on how in the world we did it and wanting to know all the particulars of moving & opening a business,  Jason & I began our second business - No Half Measures Consulting (and a bit of filmmaking to!) For the past year we have been working with couples eager & excited with a passion to move to abroad to Italy to start a hospitality business.

So, what better way to merge our two businesses but host a No Half Measures 'Consulting Workshop' at La Tavola Marche farmhouse?!

This April 1-5 join us for a workshop on How to Own & Operate a Hospitality (B&B, inn, farmhouse or food & wine) Business in Italy - this will be a four day crash-course covering all the basics and answering your burning questions to put you on the road to a successful start of your new life in Italy!

Each afternoon will begin with aperitivi & interactive seminars before dinner covering the following:
  • How to Start a Business in Italy, understanding the business & tax structure
  • Finding the Property & Negotiating
  • Grass Roots Marketing & the power of Social Media
  • Operations
  • Hospitality & Exceeding your Clients expectations
  • Culture & Expat Life in Italy
  • Finding your Niche & Identifying your Clients
  • Small Business Owners Stories from Expats & Italians

On hand will be "Insiders & Experts" from an Italian Commercialista (Tax Account, Business Advisor Specialising in European Financing) Fabio Centurioni, Business Attorney, Small Business Owners (expats & Italians) and of course Jason & I! The business owners are a mix of entrepreneurs that are operate in diverse settings from the rural countryside to the heart of Rome - giving you a better understanding on the pros & cons of city vs. country locations & living while sharing stories of their struggles, successes & what keeps driving them forward. This will be an honest, informative, (I'm sure humorous), engaging and inspiring series of seminars/lectures over the five days!

I am super excited to announce a few friends that will be joining us on our panels & in our workshops:

 From The Beehive, Linda & Steve - long time expats and entrepreneurs with an eco-friendly, artsy budget hotel in the hear of Rome, as well as Cross-Pollinate a curated network of "cool places to stay" and if they weren't busy enough they are parents of three girls!

From the award-winning artisan Gelateria, Maki: Paola & Antonio will join us for our Stories from Small Business Owners for an Italians point of view of the bureaucracy and business operations & moving from Milan and the finance world to a sleepy fishing village making gelato!

Caroline & Louk, a retired Dutch couple that moved from the centre of Amsterdam to the deep Marche countryside. After filling their calendar & hosting family & friends for the past 8 years, they have begun to dabble in AirBnB & room rentals for the artists & music lovers at Isola del Sorbo

I'm guessing if you're reading the blog you know a bit about J & I already, so I won't bore you with our history but just in case: Here you go!

Head on over to La Tavola Marche to request more details and I will send you the full itinerary & a short q&a about your plans to move to Italy!
The Details: 
This boutique, intensive workshop is limited to ten participants.
Includes four nights & five days accommodations, breakfast & dinner with local wine daily, evening aperitivi, daily seminars, printed workshop materials and a one-on-one Skype chat before the workshop to help maximize your time in Italy & prepare for the trip! 
Visit for more details or email:

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