Saturday, June 25

When Life Gives You Lemons...Make The Best Damn Limoncello!

Ciao tutti - It’s Ashley and Jason, your friends from La Tavola Marche. Mamma mia, we’ve got a story for you!

Well, that was quick! Two days after all the documents and contracts were signed at the notary (and legally binding), the “new owners” of La Tavola Marche boarded a plane back to the good ol’ U.S of A.!! (Seriously.) They lasted 6 days in Italy. We were in total shock. It’s the stuff movies are made of. Obviously there is a LOT more to the story but the bottom line is:

When life gives you lemons, you make the best damn limoncello! Jason and I did not want this to be the end of La Tavola Marche. So the choice was easy - we are proud to continue the farm, inn and cooking school we founded in 2007. If anything, this process has rejuvenated our passion for sharing with you the good life we have cultivated here in Le Marche!

We are filled with ideas for new classes and events- a food & photography workshop is already in the works!

The sad part is we thought we found a couple that shared our work ethic, passion, entrepreneurial spirit and integrity to continue what we started; unfortunately that was not the case. We definitely learned a valuable lesson naively thinking we could trust a handshake deal made while sitting at our kitchen table.

Owning a B&B is not a holiday, it’s a life of quality that comes with a lot of hard work. It can be risky & scary at times, and not for everyone. Moving to a foreign country can turn your world upside if you are not prepared. More than physically, you must be mentally strong.

This big old farmhouse has been good to us for the past 9 years - we’ll keep her happy and do our best to keep her filled with happy & hungry guests!

It’s time to unpack the aprons and sharpen the knives because we are back and ready to rock it again!

Home Sweet Home!

Visit the updated website - we hope you join us in the kitchen! 


And just incase you were looking for the Best Damn Limoncello Recipe - 
here you go!

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