Sunday, August 16

Easy like a Sunday Morning...Photos & Video from the Garden in August

Happy Sunday - enjoy the sunrise from our farmhouse in the Marche countryside! Playing with my gopro and working out the timelapse settings...

It's been a hot hot summer this year! The garden is much happier than last year, especially the tomatoes (blight from wet weather & cool mornings) but nothing's doing better than the varieties of cherry tomatoes we grow: ciliegini, egg yolk & datorini. Picked daily and added to salads, pasta & pappa al pomodoro - we're eating kilos of tomatoes! But not everything likes the heat and the zucchini, pumpkins - basically the squash family is suffering.

After all these tomato photos, you may be craving a little Pappa al Pomodoro (Rustic Tuscan Roasted Tomato & Bread Soup):

The view looking back up at the house in the evening light at the end of the day...
Have a great Sunday and I'll be sure to post more garden photos next week!

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