Thursday, September 4

Taste of Italy Video: 400 Heirloom Tomatoes (Part 2) with Blight

Due to a rainy summer, blight has set in on our 400+ heirloom tomato plants in the garden. Farmer/Chef Jason Bartner explains what blight looks like, why it happens, how to try to prevent it organically and what your tomatoes will taste like...if they are even edible. It's been a disastrous year for our tomatoes but we've learned a few lessons nonetheless. Watch til the end for a preview of our next episode -

Be sure to watch it in HD!! 

Filmed & Edited by Ashley Bartner
Music by Spencer Dahl

"Taste of Italy" is our webseries of shorts (under 2 min.) of life on our farm in Italy, the food, cooking classes, garden and more! Subscribe to our youtube channel!

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