Saturday, August 2

Podcast from Italy: Gluten Intolerant...Intolerant

After a month or so of radio-silence, we've fired up the mics for a bit of rant on 'gluten-free' after reading a great Huffington Post article and posting on our facebook page - the response was overwhelming on both sides. We had to record the episode twice, cut & paste so things wouldn't get too heated so this is the pieced together podcast. Here's a link to the original article that we mention: Gluten Intolerant...Intolerant by Marc Vetri on the Huffington Post Blog. And for a good laugh, the great Jimmy Kimmel asks 'gluten-free' people "What's Gluten?" and the answers are priceless:

That's not the only thing we talk about - of course there's an update on the farm & 400+tomato plants and a fox keeps sauntering into our house!!

Thanks for listening!! "Podcast from Italy" #77: Gluten Intolerant...Intolerant available to download on iTunes and stream on Stitcher Radio!

...just in case you'd like to rant back about gluten, feel free to direct all emails to:
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