Saturday, August 23

Plum Perfect: A Bumper Crop Mean Farm to Table is a Group Effort

This year's plum harvest was surely a bumper crop/season if I'd ever seen one. Tree's that have never fruited were heavy with diverse varieties of plums this year! We discovered we had over 4 different types of plum trees from plump sweet yellow (susine) ones to deep purple plums I remember eating as a kid.

We ate them by the bucket load- yes, bucket! In about 5 minutes you could easily pick 5 kilos or more and barely make a dent in the tree. Of course we ate them in every way... So with plums too many plums to eat we picked we happily shared our bounty with friends. (And begged the guests to pick and eat as many as they like!)

"Farm to Table" is a group effort - We're happy to grow the plums & our dear friends at Gelateria Artigianale Makì make marmalade, sorbet & beautiful gelato! This is a great article on how this tini tiny amazing gelato shop is truly artisan & they personally know the producers/growers of the fruits they use!

Here's a fraction of what we delivered (a good 30+ kilos)...

And they made this...

 How cool is that?!
 Here are a few photos from my instagram page of more homegrown plums:

that's it...just a bunch of plum pics.
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