Wednesday, August 13

How to Cut Fresh Pasta by Hand {Video}

Learn how to cut fresh pasta by hand! A glimpse of our Fresh Pasta & Sauces Class at La Tavola Marche, filmed on an iPad LIVE during a summer cooking class in Le Marche, Italy! If you can't make it to Italy for one of our cooking classes in person, enjoy this "Taste of Italy" snippet/cooking class quickie!!

"Taste of Italy" is our webseries of shorts (under 2 min.) of life on our farm in Italy, the food, cooking classes, garden and more!  Here's a few past videos:
Episode 11: How to Cut Pasta by Hand
Episode 10: Pappa al Pomodoro (Tuscan Tomato Bread Soup)
Episode 9: L'Orto - Garden (400 + Tomato Plants) Part 1

Hand cut pasta from our cooking class students!
Fold the pasta in a serpentine to cut

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