Thursday, July 3

Podcast & Photos: A Rustic Farmhouse Wedding in Italy

We're back after a June hiatus with an update on the farmhouse and happening in the area. We recap the past month and beautiful wedding and festivities we hosted as well as what it's like watching the World Cup in small town, Italy! Ashley recreates the 'barking deer' and we share a few recipes: Nocino (walnut liquor) and Poached Peaches in white wine! The we run down a list of upcoming festivals in the area from beer to gelato there is something to eat/drink/do!!
Thanks for listening! 

Stream on Stitcher Radio or download on iTunes: Podcast from Italy, #76 - Summer Weddings in Italy & Recipe for Poached Peaches

And here are a few photos from C├Ęshaun & Aaron's Wedding at our farmhouse, the culmination of three nights of food & festivities:
Black Summer Truffles

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