Thursday, June 19

Good Organic Gardening: Living the Dream (Growing & Cooking on an Italian Farm)

Here' a very nice piece about our garden & Jason's theory on cooking in this lovely Australian magazine "Good Organic Gardening." The four page article, written by Sandy Moore, an Australian guest, beautifully shares our story & a few of my photos in the June 2014 issue! I think she really nailed it!!!

“In the kitchens of New York, it’s more about what’s in style,” says Jason. “Here, it’s about what’s in season. We cook and grow totally with the season. It’s about taking the freshest- possible ingredients that the Earth is giving you and doing the least amount with them.” Jason believes his job now is to get out of the way, taking the ego out of the kitchen. “Nature has made perfect ingredients, so why would I want to transform them into something else? All I want to do is cook them to highlight them and make them the best they can be. It’s a fundamental change in thinking.”

"In the winter months, Jason and Ashley make their own sausages and salami from scratch, curing them in the cool winter breeze that passes through the rafters of the house. The cupboards heave with preserved tomatoes and other produce from the garden. They jam, jar and preserve to extend the season. "
"Jason and Ashley’s vision for the future is to continue teaching guests to shop locally, grow what they can and eat seasonally. This was the perfect way to begin our Italian food adventure and, with their generous hints, tips and knowledge shared, we knew we had more exciting times ahead.

A farm-to-table experience is enriching and the interaction with locals gave us a deeper understanding of the real Italian culture. As a bonus, it was away from the tourist hotspots, so offered a quiet, harmonious ambiance. "
 - Good Organic Gardening, June 2014

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