Monday, January 6

Spring Cooking Holiday: Wild Edibles & Bottling Wine 24 - 28 April 2014

Cooking with Spring's Wild Edibles & Bottling Wine   
24 - 28 April 2014 (4 Nights) = 500 Euro/person

Fields of wild radicchio ready to be sauteed, young nettle perfect for tongue tingling ravioli, rich & creamy artichoke risotto - the flavors of Spring in Le Marche, Italy. In our farm to fork cooking classes we will collect wild edibles for both a pasta class and a five course Italian dinner party! Learn to make pasta (both cut & stuffed) with two seasonal sauces as well a complete menu of antipasti, primo (first course), secondo (main course), contorno (side dish) and dolce (dessert).  Plus this is the time of year that we refill our cantina with local wines and we need your help bottling, corking & labeling the hundreds of liters of red, white & rosè!  

Includes: 4 nights, guided wild edible walk, 2 half day cooking class with a custom hand-made apron, wine bottling, two meals with wine, five course dinner and breakfast daily, price based on double occupancy.

La Tavola Marche (farm, inn and cooking school)

 Spring in Italy, Wild Edibles Cooking Class:

 Bottling Wine with Guests:

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