Thursday, July 4

Zucchini 101

Visiting the garden for ingredients during our cooking classes becomes an impromptu lesson in gardening, growing and veggie sex! Do you know which zucchini flower is male or female?

The female plants have a little zucchini attached, whereas the males just have a stem. You don’t need that many male flowers to pollinate all the females, so we pick them to eat! Not only is this an edible treat but by picking the flowers this helps redirect the energy of the plant towards the females producing zucchini.  

We lightly batter and fry the zucchini flowers paired with a glass of prosecco, it's the perfect way to start a summer dinner. The flowers are also beautiful wilted over the top of pasta or pizza just before you serve.

Try carparccio of zucchini for one of the simplest, freshest ways to enjoy both zucchini and the blossoms.

Here are few of our favorite zucchini recipes:

...and it ends up the flowers are sweet and delicate enough for a baby!
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