Sunday, April 21

The Week in Review: Chickens, Tractors, Butchering & a Surprise TV Interview

It's been a whirlwind of a week with the sound of diesel engine tractors echoing through the valley as all the farmers prepare their land for summer crops. Jason 'got the memo' it was time as well and called up our friends with tractors since we don't have our own. Neighbors from town, Vicenzo and Severino arrived to help plow our orto (fruit/veg garden) once they were finished with their field. This year Jason and Gaggi decided the garden needed to be bigger to help in rotating the crops, so  J and I removed all the posts, fencing & barb wire just in time as the tractor pulled up to the house.

Our chickens arrived (well only half of the order)  - our coop has 10 red hens and 5 small black Marchigianni hens - everyone is getting along swimmingly - we'll see how it goes next week when another 5-10 hens arrive, a rooster and...our first turkey!

The Spring cooking classes are in full-swing and we've been cooking everything from wild greens to pasta from scratch and even took students butchering at our friends pig farm yesterday! (A full report to come, as well as a recipe for the amazing fresh ricotta we had for breakfast.)

Oh and how could I forget - last night I did a surprise interview with RAI (Marche) for a special segment all about Piobbico! It was hysterical because I had no idea what I was walking into and then realized in sudden horror that I would be interviewed LIVE in Italiano! If you'd like to watch the broadcast you can here: RAI Tg Marche (If you want to skip ahead to me bumbling through the interview go to 11 min. 30 seconds)

I'm sure we'll record a podcast this weekend and go into detail about everything (including the amazing lunch we had at the pig farm!) - stay tuned!

I wonder what next week will have in-store for us...

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