Tuesday, April 30

Bottling Over 500 Liters of Wine {Podcast & Photos}

This has been another busy week - from cleaning & bottling over 600 bottles of wine to cooking classes and prepping the garden/farm for summer's crops. After we recap the week Jason interviews our first stage (Chef apprentice) about his new discoveries on Italian food.

Watch for our upcoming video on visiting the vineyards, filling up our 54 liter demijohn jugs and bringing home 'loose' or sfuso wine to bottle, cork & label at home!

Listen to our Podcast from Italy #51 - Bottling Wine 

 We wrangle our guests to help with the dirty work - no one seems to mind...especially since we drink along the way -

 Our wines are all from Le Marche:
Antica Cantina Sant Amico
Terra Cruda

And finally...3 days later, 12 demijohns, over 600 bottles washed, filled, corked & labeled - we are ready to start drinking!!

The final product - a nice dark glass of vino rosso!
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