Saturday, January 12

Fresh Baked: It's All About Consistency.

(Photo chosen by our facebook fans!!)
An update on Jason's trials & tribulations of bread baking in a cold stone farmhouse now that he is up to bake number 15:

It's all about consistency. One time it will look great, the next OK and then not so good, so what's going on? (Thanks to meticulous notes we can see why.) 
Consistency with the starter is super important. "I forgot to feed it one morning and for the next four days it didn’t have the predictable rise and fall of a healthy starter. By the end of the fourth day it was back to normal. I’ve learned it’s an everyday thing. I've found better results with feeding the starter twice a day, in the morning and afternoon.  If its not fed, the starter runs out of food and it won’t lift the bread."

Also keeping a consistent temperature for the starter was much more important than I first realized. "It has to be kept in a warm place. If the temps are too cool the natural yeast don’t reproduce quickly as it should. The result is that your bread won't rise properly."
Now we are starting to have some fun with it too - Jason has been topping rustic sourdough loaves with sesame seeds or adding rosemary & olives to the dough. (photos and recipes to come)
Regardless if the loaf is a little heavy or not,  when you cut that bad boy open while it's still warm and spread butter or cheese on it - I’m not gonna complain, I'll eat it every single time... We are getting fat.

(And thanks to all those that commented on Facebook and helped us pick the cover shot for this post!)
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