Friday, October 26

How to Tour Italy Radio Show Interview

I just had my first radio interview!! It was on The How to Tour Italy Radio show and all about this beautiful region of Le Marche and recent fall festivals. The program is a dedicated resource where you can meet the people that will make your next trip to Italy amazing. The host of the show, Anthony Capozzoli is energetic and simply put "a guy that loves Italy."  He shares his passion of the culture, food, cities, history and people of Italy in his weekly radio show packed with great diverse guests. 

Here's what Anthony said about the interview:  

"If you are in the mood for authentic Italy, a farm to table cooking experience, truffles, clear as water honey, a vintage farmhouse, an executive chef from Manhattan turned Marchigiano, the hosts of their very own podcasts, making sausage & pizza & ravioli &...the list goes on and on. Ashley was an amazing guest on the show today so if you want a soul-warming Italian experience you must visit La Tavola Marche."

 Download the show from iTunes and enjoy. Stay tuned for our return interview for the series "There Is No Such Thing as Italian Food!" Each segment will bring you insider tips, words of wisdom from experienced travelers, insight from the experts, and you'll get to know your guides, chefs, hotel operators, drivers, and people that will make Italy even more amazing.

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