Sunday, May 20

Farm Update: Fresh Eggs & Frosty Nights

 It's time for an update from the farm & what a few weeks it's been! First the good news, I am happy to announce 2 (out of 18) hens have begun laying eggs! (That's their handy-work in the photo above.) And what a hoopla it is in the hen-house with the birds squawking about, proud & somewhat shocked of their new production. I think the ladies got Jason's memo: "start laying or you'll be broth soon...."

Now to the fields, Pierangelo has been passing in his tractor cutting the thick fields of alfafa as we've been busy in the garden. Here is what is already in the ground as of a week ago: garlic, fava, onions, potatoes, corn, radishes, different types of chard & lettuces, peppers, eggplant, cucmber, tomatoes, ruccola, zucchini, squashes, carrots, celery, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and all the herbs. We were feeling pretty good & ahead of the game. Jason & Dr. Gaggi painstaking placed all the bamboo poles for the tomatoes to climb as well -

Then came the unexpected late May frost, 2 nights in a killed 500+ plants in total: tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, eggplants & potatoes. Che disastro! What a disaster! These vegetable plants can't survive a hard frost. As soon as sun comes up the leaves turn black & the plant dies. Thankfully we've got a great group of guests here, eager to help & we've already pulled-up and replanted half the tomatoes with a back-up reserve of seedlings in-case the temps drop again.

We still have to plant beans & melons: barolotti, solfino, green beans, melon, watermelon and a handful of other veggies we'll add in as we go. To avoid everything coming up at once - we are planting a few rows, every two weeks or so - that way as we blow through & eat our lettuces & herbs for example, the next batch is ready to go. Things that replenish such as lettuces &  bietola can be cut down to about 6cm above the ground & will regrow throughout the entire season.

The late garden will go-in in August: cabbages, fennel, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, winter lettuces, escarole, etc.

Guests at work in the garden
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