Friday, March 30

Spring in Bloom: Seedlings, Soil & Tulips

The first few tulips of over 250 bulbs I planted in November have begun to pop open!
Oh Happy Spring!!

We are busy working our way through our spring-clean list of painting, scrubbing, mowing, fertilizing the garden with manure, starting seeds (these were planted over a week ago):
seedlings for lettuces starting in the warm windowsil

 ...planting veggies (over 20 kilos of potatoes go in the ground tomorrow!) & starting all the flowers in pots, fixing up the chicken coop for the fowl (20 new hens arrive next week!), starting a new compost bin, draining & cleaning the pool, possibly adding a lavender border around the patio & pool and the list goes on & on & on.... Thankfully Basilio came by with his tractor to form the rows for the grande orto yesterday! Of course Dr. Gaggi was here to over-see the entire operation.

Starting the garden rows, ready for planting!
Everywhere you look - Spring is in bloom!

Plum tree behind the house  
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