Friday, August 20

Italian Cookbook Photo Contest

Jason & I are super excited to be working on a cookbook of local seasonal recipes from Central Italy's Marche Region.
Here's where we need your help: we would love to feature YOUR Food Related Photos!
If you have taken a cooking class and snapped a pic of your pasta, enjoyed dinner and photographed your plate or even got a great shot in the garden or market - we want to publish it!
Flip through your travel pics - you know you've got a few mouthwatering photos!

What we are looking for:
Mushroom Hunting
Cooking Classes
and the Marche Countryside
(Visit our Recipe Box for inspiration)
Submit your favorite food photos from your holiday here in Italy for consideration of our La Tavola Marche Cookbook (not yet titled). We will give you a photo credit in the book as well as send you a thank you gift for your contribution!

To enter:
email your photo in HIGH RESOLUTION to
include your name and name of the dish, town, etc. info in the photo
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