Tuesday, October 6

Let the Truffle Festivals Begin!

This last weekend kicked off "Truffle Season" in Le Marche! The first festival of the season was in our neighboring town of Apecchio. We saw lots of familiar faces (from Doctor Gaggi to the Fusciani brothers selling meat & cheese), drank lots of wine (at 0,80 cents a glass) & sampled truffles in a whole array of products -
At these festivals you can find loose truffles, truffle slicers, truffle oil, truffle cheese, truffle jams, truffle pasta, truffle rice, truffle salumi, truffle infused anything & everything!! The purest will tell you to only buy the truffle itself - nothing else can compare or capture the flavor like a truffle shaved over the top of pasta with butter or in a frittata. Keep it simple - it's the truffle you want to smell & taste!

According to our local truffle hunting expert, it is still a bit early in the season. (Note the prices for tiny black truffles.) We are eagerly waiting for a bit of fall rain & then there is expected to be a boom of truffles & mushrooms!

I must say that Apecchio does a great job hosting this festival - lots of food stands, arts & crafts, antiques, live music & even a climbing wall for kids! Did I mention all the meats & cheeses.....

If you are lucky enough to be in the area then mark your calendar!
Here's the next set of Truffle Festivals to hit up this season~
Sant'Angelo in Vado - Mostra Nazionale of the White Truffle second weekend of October
Cantiano - 2nd weekend of October
Piobbico - 18 October
Acqualagna - Fiera Nazionale of the White Truffle 25-31 October & 1,7,8 November

See you next year in Apecchio or maybe even in Sant'Angelo next weekend!

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