Friday, June 26

"The onions have exploded and there's poppies in my potatoes!"

view of the garden from the front yard

...I never thought I'd hear Jason say that. But, man was he right! The garden is just bursting especially after this last batch of June rain. To be honest I've never seen half this stuff growing before from seed to a flowering plant with veggies and then onto my plate -it's pretty incredible!(lettuces ~ lattughe)

(tomatoes ~ pomodori)

I used to break out in a cold sweat when Jason would ask me to run to the store for an onion. Which kind of onion? He didn't say - white, purple, yellow, those little ones...should I get one of everything... not any more! Now we just pull'em from the front yard.(onions ~ cipolle)

So until now I had no clue when a radish is ready to be picked or how big potato plants actually are (they're huge!) & eggplants... forget it! I am amazed by the eggplants & love their beautiful purple flowers. (I'll post a progression of shots soon).

(eggplant ~ melanzane)

Then there is the zucchini - not only is the actually zucchini just wonderful in so many dishes but the bright orange flowers - fried, stuffed, in a sauce, baked & tossed with pasta!(zucchini)

And check out the proud farmer with his home bottled wine in one hand & his first zucchini in the other!
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