Wednesday, June 17

Mission: 64 Litres of Wine - Bottled By Us!

On a warm summer day, armed with a 54 litre glass demijohn & if that wasn't enough, 2 5-litre jugs - we were on a mission - a new house wine bottled by us! And this was a mission I was ready to accept! We jumped in the car with our neighbor Lucas an expat from Amsterdam and we took the scenic route to Morra d'Alba a lovely Marche town famous for it's exceptional vino!

The best part is the "filling station" - basically it looks just like a chrome gas pump & it just looks hysterical!

The wine we chose is a mix of 3 grapes: Lacrima, San Giovese & Montepulciano - for a fantastic smooth red wine! For good measure bought 10 litres of Verdecchio. A local white wine with a hint of effervescence - nice & light, a perfect aperitivo!

After we got back to the house we bottled & corked our wine (85 bottles), stocked our shelves & started drinking! I swear it tastes better now! So come on over & have a glass or buy a bottle of our newest home-bottled vino!
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