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Twoeth By Land ~ Discover Monte Nerone

Let me introduce you to Pieter of Piobbico, he is a passionate seasoned trekker, ready to share the secrets of Monte Nerone with you!

“A little more than a year ago I decided that I had to invent something to share the beauties of this area where I am living now for a couple of years. Just a couple of walks on the Monte Nerone, a mountain in my back yard that reaches up to 1525 m ( 5000 ft) left such a marvelous impression that I wanted to share the experience with everybody.”

Pieter recommends heading out on a whole day of trekking (about 7-8 hours), he is convinced that if you want to “taste the mountain you must spend the whole day there - with a nice lunch, panoramic views and the waterfalls.”

Shorter trips (more in the 2.5 - 3 hour range), family-friendly & custom treks are available as well. He rarely measures in distance, only in the hours it takes to complete the hike.
Don’t worry - he speaks your language - whichever language that may be: Dutch, English & Italian!

Who would enjoy a guided trek?
Pieter smiles, “Everyone who likes a challenge, something a little more difficult - steep & narrow, down & up, gravel & mud.”

Hiking shoes are mandatory - not sneakers. This is for your safety so you don’t turn your ankle. Waterproof is important as well since we cross streams & rivers.

We bring at least 2 litres of water per person. I like to start at the spring in Piobbico so everyone can fill their water bottles. Or if we need it, Sylvia will arrive with more water. We stop often to eat & drink for small breaks. It is good to snack along the way.

Interesting Finds
Pieter once found a very large cow bone on Monte Montiego - seriously, this thing was HUGE - about 1/2 meter - I’ve seen it. He also discovered a fossil of a beautiful little seashell on Mt. Nerone. Not to mention the beautiful wild & rare flowers. (All these pictures were taken by Pieter on his hikes) The true find on these hikes is the peace & quiet & the beautiful unspoiled scenery!

Why Hike Here
Pieter explains with passion why he chose this beautiful region to share with others - “It’s uncontaminated nature, it’s rare to cross others, normally you are the only one on the paths for the whole day. The whole year round, it is just fabulous, just yourself & a few others. There is a low impact on nature here - I rarely see plastic bottles & garbage littering the trails, they are very well-kept.

Favorite Spot
Pieter’s favorite spot is one of the most difficult spots to reach - Balza Forata (literally..piece of rock that springs or jumps out of the mountain OR the hole in the rock). “The views are amazing, it is not easy to reach with nice hiking to get there. It’s very rewarding when you arrive. You just can’t imagine that hundreds and hundreds of others have done that very same climb before you - especially when you are the only one there now.”

It’s a steal! Only 25 Euro a person for the whole day! If you want - throw in a yummy lunch for another 12 Euro - so for under 40 Euro I can have a guided hike on Mt. Nerone & lunch?! That’s totally worth it!

For more on trekking with Pieter, to book a hike, view gorgeous pictures of his treks, blog & more - visit his site:
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