Sunday, March 1

Can You Dig It? Starting Our Big Veggie Garden!

For the past several months we have been preparing our vegetable garden or orto. We are sooooo excited to start growing our own veggies (in addition to the fruit trees surrounding the house) - we've already got fava & garlic in the ground!

We've gone from a few pots of herbs on our rooftop in Brooklyn to 1,000 meters squared of prime Italian soil! A BIG thanks to Dottore Gaggi, Rossana & Giorgio for all their help - we couldn't have done it without you- grazie mille!

Take a look at the step by step pictures.our front yard

Nearby farmers helped plow the land & turn the soil in exchange for a plate of prosciutto & pecorino cheese and a few bottles of beer!

We woke up after a nap to a big freebie - the farmers had comeback & mixed in manure! That would have taken forever to do by hand! A few weeks after that Jason & Gaggi tilled rows for the fava & garlic and planted the seeds.

The fence and the finishing touches!
Once the weather is a bit warmer we will start planting the rest - from peppers, lettuces, of course tons of types of tomatoes, peas, beans, zucchini, pumpkins, herbs...the list goes on & on!

Hauling literally tons of rocks to place around the outside of the fence to prevent animals, especially the enormous porcupines from eating everything!

Ahhh the garlic shoots are gorgeous!

This summer come & eat with us - from the farm to the table!
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