Saturday, October 18

Little Boys Want Big Toys...

And so do Big Boys! Jason has his eye on a Lamborghini TRACTOR!

A local farmer that was working the land surrounding Ca'Camone was flagged down by Jason recently. We were in desperate need of renting a tractor of some sort to turn the land in the front campo (yard) to start our nice big orto (fruit & vegetable garden). The farmer, Nozzi & his friends said no problem, we're out today working, we'll do it! We were soooo thrilled & thankful we whipped up a few plates of antipasta & red wine to say thank you! Nozzi asked if he could park the super sweet tractor in our driveway - we have the room, no problem.

As soon as they left, Jason ran over to the massive machine & tried to open the doors - 'hey maybe he left the keys in the ignition or something...and I could maybe take it around the block...' No such luck, the farmer was smarter than that. So all Jason could do was admire from afar.But all night after that, Jason would ask, '....don't you think we need a tractor...' and later make proclamations like, 'Yeah, we really need a tractor like that one, Lamborghini has a pretty good reputation if I'm not mistaken...maybe that would be a good brand to look at...'

Be both know the answer to his questions - no way in hell! Lamborghini tractors start used at around $35,000 and can reach $300,000 or more! That's insane!
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