Thursday, October 23

Italy's Sturges

Last weekend was the 30th Annual Motoraduno - best translated as Motorcycle rally/ Sturges in the States if you will. Over 1500 hogs, crotch rockets, bikes, scooters... you name it, rolled into Sant'Angelo in Vado. Bikes of all sizes, styles & brands lined the streets as drunken motorcyclists wandered about admiring bikes, certain theirs is the most beautiful!

Once the bikers arrive, they register & for 6Euro are given a little mug that ties around their neck (brilliantly, so you don't loose your cup). And now with that little mug, vino at the cantina is free! I must say, Jason noted there was not one cop, bouncer, security guard, rent-a-cop, polizie, carbinerei - nothing - in sight! It was just one of those little things that you notice & think - that's nice.
Since this is Italy, everyone has the perfect outfit for the bike they ride- usually in a matching or complimentary colors.
Lots of BMW's, Ducati's & other curve loving & hugging bikes - these bikers are in it for the ride, not so much the tinkering you would do on a classic Harley. However Harley was represented well, I enjoyed checking out the Italian Moto Guzzi's - especially the one pictured at the top with the side-car!
(Our guests & their bikes)

I must say, I have 2 uncles that love motorcycles with two totally different tastes - so I think they would both love this festival! For me, I love the sound of an old harley firin' up....crack crack crack!
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