Wednesday, August 20

Gelati Makes Me Happy!

Summer has brought gelati - buona gelati - good anytime-I've had it for breakfast, lunch, dinner & dessert! (We are fatties, what can I say, we'll shout out - "What time is it?" the answer..."Gelati-thirty!")Good anywhere - find a stool, wander down a cobble stone road, sit around a fountain or dangle your legs in the water - it really doesn't matter....Now what does matter is the flavor selection. This is serious business. Do I order a single flavor - or maximize my cone with 2 gusti (flavors) that compliment eachother...stick with the tried & true (for me caffe & pistacchio) or head towards the fruity side with something like melone (cantelope) which can be sooo good too! Jason sticks to lemone for something fresh & ciocolate (chocolate) & fior di latte (like a light vanilla). Sometimes I like to switch it up when we try out a new Gelateria - ohh I've never had this before...that doesn't always end up to be a good choice. I've had a few major disappointments.So what does gelato mean? It comes from the Italian word gelare "to freeze". Gelati is usually made from fresh milk & sugar combined with fresh ingredients. You want to find artisanal shops that make their own for the best, creamiest, freshest tasting gelati. Most gelateria's are closed in the winter around our neck of the woods- making spring & summer the only time to taste this treat fresh - so a girl's gotta get her fill!

Flavors: lots of hazelnut varieties (with chocolate or nutella for example), coffee (always a winner), pistacchio, one time in Rome I had cinammon - it was amazing - (one good cone, deserves another - I went back for seconds!!) Then the fruits - fragola (strawberry), frutti di bosco (fruit of the woods - berries)- when this one is made with real fruit it has such a rich dark color & can be out of this world! The list goes on & on.....

We feel it's our duty to try each spot in the area, really sample the flavors - find the best spots for guests, family & friends who come & visit...or at least this is what we tell ourselves after we've had gelati everynight for a week!

Favorite Spots around here:
Cafe del Corso in Piobbico
Cafe del Teatro in Urbania
Pino Bar in Fano

(All time favorite is in Volterra, I can't remember the name...)

A note on the pictures: I am not a super fatty, double fisted with the gelati - I am just holding Jason's ... i swear...
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