Tuesday, May 6

Pork Fat - Cardiologist Recommended!

That's right- you heard it here first! Pork fat - strutto- is not only recommended but loved by our Cardiologist neighbor!  Jason said he likes a doctor with confidence and Gaggi couldn't be more - as he chain smokes cigarettes & shares secrets of the kitchen-such as add pork fat to just about everything! He said a little is good for the taste - I like his style!

(note: Here is Gaggi front & center with smoke in hand at a big lunch we hosted at Ca'Camone!)

Dr. Gaggi & the Mrs. showed up at the house the other day (after we enjoyed dinner at his house the night before), stopped by to say Hi! Next thing we know, he has picked up the weed whacker & is going to town on the lawn (while wearing semi-nice clothes), yelling for Jason to grab his tractor (riding lawn mower) so of course he hops on! After a few minutes, his wife joined in on the yard work, trimming the hedges & trees back! 

(please note the candid photo taken by Meagan- after reading a hysterical blog entry from a Ms. Tanja Maduzi a she learned some fantastic tips on stalking your photo prey!)
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