Saturday, March 15

Spring- in like a lion & out like a!

Ahh la primavera (spring) in Italy is not to be missed! The colors changing bring new life to the land, cherry blossoms & the anticipation of juicy fruits & tasty veggies to come! We started planting our garden a few weeks ago, cleaning out the beds,  "prepping" the land! Our cherry tree was bursting with pink/white cherry blossoms....and then snow! 

Tons of snow for a week! It was so unexpected & incredibly spectacular (we're talking heavy heavy flakes, it looked fake & right out of the movies the way the trees were perfectly covered.) Thankfully no tubbi gelati (frozen pipes).

I know the saying is that March comes in like a lion, out like a lamb- but out here it's more like a fox... cunning like a fox - a bit unpredictable - from the super windy, to snow & now wonderfully sunny & then the wind changes again & the cold air blows, here just like in the US the weather man never seems to get it right... 

BUT literally spring has brought us a fox,  we now have one living with us here at Ca'Camone. He is not timid at all! Luckily he is small & kinda cute (and we don't have chickens for him to kill!) We first saw him one morning when he jumped into the compost- we thought it was a raccoon or something. And then when he jumped out he just stared at us from 100+ feet away. We were making all sorts of noises to scare him away, but nothing-then Jason pretended to shoot a gun at him (of course not holding anything at all) now that scared the s-out of him & he took off!

Foxy now hangs around the house in the evenings & is pretty brazen coming close & not minding us at all- he really pays no attention. Its just kinda crazy to see a fox chillin' in your front yard....what else will spring bring?!
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