Friday, February 8

How far would you go for a plate of 'chos?

How about 1500km!

I never thought the day would come, but we live in a land without Mexican food! Seriously, I love the food here but the only other ethnic food there is is Chinese.  After cleaning many rooms, scrubbing stone walls & building a compost (a new blog will follow on that...) we got a little stir crazy and on a rainy morning decided that we'd pack a bag, jump in the car &  see a bit more of Europe, while we're at it find a plate of 'chos.  

We drove up through the dolomites, Austria, Germany and finally when we hit the Netherlands we hit jackpot- Nachos Grande! (Shout out to cousin Spencer right about now!) We enjoyed a pitcher of margaritas, tons of chips & salsa and then delicious 'chos.  It's crazy I know-but what the hell!

Driving through Germany, every km we saw signs for "ausfahrt" we think it must mean exit- but it never got old, always good for a laugh!

Our drive home took us into France & Switzerland, with snow capped mountains & the Italian Alps. Incredible! We were just in time for Carnival festivities & came upon a marching band signing in a bar in Switzerland and confetti littered streets.  When we drove through the Alps coming home we hit tons of tunnels-some up to 19km long, Jason was just pissed to
half to pay 30 Euro for a pass to drive through Switzerland, but Meg & I loved the view and all the snow!! 
Sound of Music soundtrack playing, seriously it was - those hills were alive!
It took only a few days, a wedge of cheese & sausage necklace,  5 tanks of gas, massive mountains & hungry stomachs to get us through.
I'd do it all over again!

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