Thursday, January 10

The Fog ~

The fog in italy is like no other! 

Every night coming home from a day out & about we hit heavy fog - you can't see 5 feet in front of you - its got to be crazy for the driver, because as the passenger your freaking out! We live in the foothills of the mountains & the switch back roads make for an adventure to say the least.  Jason fancy's himself as a formula one race car driver now! In the morning it starts the day with a haze perfect for pictures of that bella italia that burns off by the time we are done shopping at the market for dinner.  At dusk the colors blur and make everything look romantic.  And at night your scared your going to hit a deer or drive off the road!!
There is another fog here as well- the language & the documents needed for starting a business.  Luckily we have a super business man on our side (another blog entry will be written solely on him!) We've learned who is a "super bastard" and who is "troppo sempatico" too nice! Most people are honestly very patient and talk with their hands enough that we can make sense of it all. We go from the bank to the commune for our residency to the camera di commercio (for businesses) all to find out that we need the one document we don't have on us- or that we need to wait to open a bank account until we have the document from the commercio, that is waiting for a document confirming our residency from the commune - confusing I know! Sometimes it feels like we drive in circles all day to get nothing done and then we'll have a great day where everything gets its necessary stamps (seriously like 4 stamps on each paper) andwe are on our way!  

At first this fog was thick....but it is getting lighter every day!
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