Sunday, January 27

Cooking over the fire

Jason is learning how to cook over wood in the fireplace. He's started with piadine (an Italian flat bread-everyone & town has a different take on this), grilled calamari & sausages. Meagan & I don't mind at all taste testing as he tweaks his recipes & heat on the grill.

Classic Piadine Recipe:
15g Strutto (pork fat) 
350g Ferina (flour) 
Aqua (water)
pinch Sale (salt)

Combine flour & salt. Cut the fat into the flour. Pour onto cutting board & make a well in the center. Enough tepid water to make a smooth dough.  Let it rest for 15 minutes.  Take golf ball size chunks of dough, roll into circle. Cook over hot coals on the fire.
This recipe varies greatly - some add eggs, baking soda, &/or milk.  Ask five Marchigiani & you'll get six different recipes!
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