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Book the Farmhouse in Italy! Includes Private Chef, Cooking Classes, Garden & Pool!

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Podcast from Italy: The Inside Scoop on International Drivers Licenses + Cashmere Road + Gin & Grappa Talk

There's a lot to catch up on since our last podcast! Just in time for Spring and Sumer travel to Italy we discuss the inside scoop on international drivers licenses and if you really need to get one or not. Talking about driving turns the conversation to our discovery of "Cashmere Road" listen to find out where it is...

Then we chat about the history and how grappa is made (artisan vs. industrial) along with gin! Of course there's an update on the ever expanding garden and all our Spring projects around the farmhouse.

Plus 2 Chapters from the unfinished/untitled/unpublished book about our first year in Italy!!

Download and listen to our latest episode of "Podcast from Italy" #126 - Do you need an International Drivers License? oniTunesStitcherPlayer FM or Podbean

3 Night Taste of Le Marche: Cooking Class, Market Tour & Pizza Night

Feel like a local in 3 nights with a taste of Le Marche!

May 23-26, 2019  | August 22-25, 2019

​Arrive to 500 year old stone farmhouse and our legendary family-style pizza night dinning al fresco, the next day join the Chef & feel like a local on a tour of the hidden meat & cheese market of Apecchio (with a little porchetta along the way), a craft beer & grappa tasting at Collesi (award winning brewery) followed by a proper pranzo (lunch) at the ‘hunter’s hideaway.' 

That evening either explore the area or relax at the farmhouse with aperitivi and a festive round Italian Quiz Nite! The next afternoon, enjoy a hands on, farm to table, half day cooking class (the Four Course Dinner Party Class - all made from scratch) including wine, dinner & our custom hand-made apron!

The Itinerary: Day 1: Arrival - Pizza Night
Day 2: Breakfast, 10am Market Tour, Tasting & Lunch | Evening Aperitivi & Quiz Nite
Day 3: Breakfast, 4pm Four Course Dinner Party Class foll…

Won't you be our neighbor? Restored Farmhouse FOR SALE in Le Marche

Who wants to be our new neighbor? Our dear friends/neigbors Caroline & Louk have loving restored their beautiful farmhouse (check out the before and after photos below!) and after 11 years and at the age of 70+, they are ready for their next adventure in life!

We don't want them to move but are happy to help share! We are not involved in the sale in any way. Here you can find their personal website for more photos & to contact them directly: Caroline & Look at Isola del Sorbo http://www.isoladelsorbo.comor

The small estate Isola del Sorbo is located in the lovely valley of the river Candigliano in the northern part of the Le Marche region.  Le Marche is a rural area with many medieval villages and towns, located in central Italy between the Apennines and the Adriatic Sea. Culture is abundant here. You will find silence and space in this region, because the interior of LeMarche has not been inflicted by mass tourism.  Around the house you have a view of…

June in Italy | Cooking Classes from the Garden, Sea & Woods

JUNE 10-15, 2019

The workshop may be called the "Basics of the Italian Kitchen" but the cooking classes will be anything but basic! However it's the simplicity of the Italian kitchen that we all love - using the freshest possible ingredients in local, seasonal recipes. 
Learn by a Professional Chef cum Farmer with 3 diverse hands on cooking classes, learn to cook a whole fish in salt crust, pasta with vongole, rich meat heavy main courses from the woods & vegetarian delights from the garden!

The classes are more than just sharing recipes but understanding how to balance flavors, the why behind the technique and of course, knife skills. 
Feel like a local with our market trip & tour of an artisan meat and cheese warehouse with a lesson by Chef Jason on the recipes & aging methods used locally, a porchetta tasting and traveling market walk, visit to Collesi for award-winning craft beer & grappa…

Podcast from Italy: Understanding the levels of ‘B.S.’ in Italian + How to Use a Wood Oven + Airport Strikes

Whenever conversations in Italy turn to politics, multiple terms for 'B.S.' are woven like rich tapestry into the discussion. We decided to explore the complex levels of severity when using the term "B.S." in Italian!
After a winter getaway to Budapest to see comedian Bill Burr we share a few of the highlights of this stunning city along the Daube. Our short trip gets longer as we are hit by winter weather delays and airport closures due to strikes in Germany & Italy! Back home, we're planning for the next season of guests and cooking classes including the Wood Oven Workshop. Jason explains the thoughts behind creating the workshop and menu choices to highlight utilizing the oven at different temperatures.
Download and listen to our latest episode of "Podcast from Italy" #125 - Understanding the levels of ‘B.S.’ in Italian + How to Use a Wood Oven + Airport Strikes oniTunesStitcherPlayer FM or Podbean
Check out the cool old cable car! View thi…

The Wood Oven Workshop in Italy

Now that you have a "pizza oven" learn to make more than just pizza, even though we'll make that too! Learn to use the wood oven in the way it was intended - at many temperatures, not just high heat! We will cook the perfect medium rare roast and a chocolate cake in the wood oven as well one dish that will cook slowly in the coals over night!

Arrive to a welcome farmhouse feast with local wine. The following morning after breakfast we will jump into a full day, hands on class, making each dish together and utilizing the oven at four different temperatures cooking lunch, dinner and dessert in the oven. The class will continue the next afternoon for dinner.

Typical Menu; 
Stuffed Lemons or Roasted Peppers with Anchovies Pizza​Roast Beef & Potatoes Chocolate CakePeposa (Slow Cooked Lamb) or Spezatini (Slow Cooked Stew) or Confit of Duck which will cook OVERNIGHT!

The Wood Oven Workshop: JULY 3-6, 2019  |   SEPTEMBER 4-7, 2019​
TOTAL = 1080 Euro/couple or 864 Euro/singl…

Made in Le Marche: Cooking Workshop & Artisan Food/Wine Tour

Get off the beaten path and travel just beyond Tuscany, where the tourist buses can't reach to a land rich in culinary traditions still thriving today. After 12 years living in the Candigliano Valley we feel at home here and proudly guide our guests to discover & meet the best artisans of our area.

D.O.C. Wine Tour, Artisan Meat & Cheese Market Trip, Craft Beer Tasting & 3 Cooking Classes

May 14-19, 2019
September 17-22, 2019

Celebrating the culinary traditions of Le Marche with a gourmet getaway of five nights with three diverse hands-on cooking classes teaching traditional seasonal recipes of the area. Enjoy an expert guided wine tour and cheese tasting, followed a memorable by lunch with the cheese maker!  Return to the farmhouse for our famous pizza night!

Then 'feel like a local' and spend the day with Jason & Ashley eating our way through town! The first stop is for a lesson on how cheese is aged and meat cured locally, followe…