Friday, April 27

Recipe: Beet Risotto with Burrata

Recently at the butcher Jason was lamenting that he was looking for a new recipe to try. The young female assistant butcher chimed in with "try beet risotto with burrata, trust me."  She gave him a blow by blow of the recipe and he took quick mental notes. Jason promptly returned home with a ball of gooey burrata and deep purple beets.

 The color, the creamy texture it was an immediate classic! Enjoy this new recipe of beet risotto with burrata, thanks to our local butcher!

(click the recipe to enlarge or print)

Add stock as needed along the way...

The secret tip: close the lid at the end!!

Serve with a rosé or crisp white. Buon Appetito!

Wednesday, April 25

The Wood Oven Workshop: More than just Pizza!

There was a big boom in the pizza oven business in the last few years. Most who bought an oven took a pizza class or two and definitely has watched countless hours of youtube videos. However, few know how to use their oven for more than a good nepolitana or margherita!

Learn to properly fire up and use the wood oven for more than just pizza (even though we'll make that too!) Utilizing the oven at varying temperatures we will make; Pizza, Stuffed Lemons or Peppers & Anchovies (Appetizer) and Peposa (Slow Cooked Lamb) or Spezatini (Slow Cooked Stew) which will cook OVERNIGHT! The class will continue the next afternoon for dinner.

Here are a few photos from our latest wood oven workshop, the menu: Roasted Peppers with Anchovies, Roast Beef and Roasted Potatoes, Focaccia, Chocolate Cake and Rabbit Confit along with Lamb Peposo overnight!

The next dates:

11-14 JUNE

Focaccia or Pizza depending on your request...

...and then the dishes that slow cook over night.

Includes 3 nights accommodations, welcome dinner with wine, Wood Oven class with 2 meals, wine & handmade apron gift.
​950 Euro/couple or 760 Euro/single

Tuesday, April 17

Recipe: Quick & Simple Focaccia

A simple focaccia made in our wood oven. We recently made this gorgeous focaccia in our wood oven workshop, the guests already were schooled in pizza so we switched it up! Below is the simple quick recipe but you can jazz it up anyway you like - add rosemary, cherry tomatoes... You can make this dough in the afternoon and enjoy the focaccia that evening, no need to rise overnight!

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