Thursday, March 1

Snow Storm + Another Podcast from Italy...

This week's podcast is brought to you by: PROCRASTINATION. When it's snowing outside and there is a ton of work to do before the first guests arrive...Procrastination! So we poured another cappuccino and fired up the mics for another Podcast from Italy!

It's been 3+ days of snow with about 3+ feet and still falling - from shovelling to shuttling wood, frozen pipes and cats going crazy there's a lot to take into account when living in the countryside. Stories from Gaggi's birthday party and the most amazing (and most likely illegal in the U.S.) samples ever at Auchan!

I took the drone out for a flight during a break in the snow and was able to capture a few great shots - editing a short video in between painting the last of five guest apartments while Jason cooks and bakes up a storm!

The infamous internet ladder!


Thanks for listening!! Podcast from Italy #116 Podcast from Italy: What it’s REALLY like when it SNOWS in the Italian Countryside! + Another Chapter of the Book Dowload/Stream on iTunesStitcher or Podbean

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