Tuesday, February 20

Podcast from Italy: A Half Hearted Apology to the Florence Airport, Winter Travels, Soccer in Spain + Another Chapter of The Book!

From painting the farmhouse to fancy dress in Barcelona!! This week's podcast we apologize to the Florence airport for our disparaging words on a previous podcast and then quickly take back the apology! An invitation to Barcelona for a five start hotel opening at the Alamanac means a surprise winter getaway to one of our favorite cities! We share a few of the best tapas bars & spots to visit off the beaten path not to mention our first European soccer or football game!. Staying at the ritzy new hotel makes us ask ourselves the question about what the definition of high end hospitality is today. 

After seeing a photo of us dressed up & Jason in a Tux Gaggi comments on Jason's resemblence to certain infamous Producer...it's hysterical! Always there's an update from the farm and what we've been up to from Fish on Friday's, Carnevale and the local gossip about the price of wine in 2018! 

And finally another chapter from The Book, Chapter 13: The Doctor's In -- thanks for listening! Ashley & Jason

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