Tuesday, February 20

Podcast from Italy: A Half Hearted Apology to the Florence Airport, Winter Travels, Soccer in Spain + Another Chapter of The Book!

From painting the farmhouse to fancy dress in Barcelona!! This week's podcast we apologize to the Florence airport for our disparaging words on a previous podcast and then quickly take back the apology! An invitation to Barcelona for a five start hotel opening at the Alamanac means a surprise winter getaway to one of our favorite cities! We share a few of the best tapas bars & spots to visit off the beaten path not to mention our first European soccer or football game!. Staying at the ritzy new hotel makes us ask ourselves the question about what the definition of high end hospitality is today. 

After seeing a photo of us dressed up & Jason in a Tux Gaggi comments on Jason's resemblence to certain infamous Producer...it's hysterical! Always there's an update from the farm and what we've been up to from Fish on Friday's, Carnevale and the local gossip about the price of wine in 2018! 

And finally another chapter from The Book, Chapter 13: The Doctor's In -- thanks for listening! Ashley & Jason

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Friday, February 16

Retire in Italy: Where to Begin...

Dreaming of retiring or buying a holiday house in Italy? There is a lot of work needed before you can enjoy la dolce vita! Here is what you need to know when it comes to house hunting, negotiating, taxes, health care, moving with pets and assimilating into life in Italy! Ashley & Jason Bartner (that's us! - owners of La Tavola Marche & No Half Measures Consulting) and experienced American expats are your hosts for a series of Workshops with the experts to help offer you the tools and insider information you need for a successful start to your new life in Italy! This will be an honest, informative, humorous, engaging and inspiring series of seminars/lectures over the four days.

If you are planning for your retirement or thinking about purchasing a holiday home it's all in the preparation and this intensive & intimate workshop will answer all your burning questions. We hope to provide you with a road map for this journey to make your dream of living in Italy a reality!

The next workshop is 15-18 March 2018 (with only a few spaces available), the May dates have SOLD OUT and the autumn workshop 25-28 October has only a few spots left as well!

The mornings will be spent doing activities at the farmhouse with time to explore the area. This is why you are in Italy - you love this country, go explore! Then return to the farmhouse for apertivi and interactive seminars before dinner. The seminars/workshops will be broken into 3 Phases: Preparation, Transition & Execution
  • Create a timeline
  • Immigration & The VISA Process
  • Finding the Property & Negotiating, Understanding closing costs & taxes
  • Holiday Rentals
  • The Nitty Gritty: AirBnB, VRBO, etc.
  • Logistics of the Move, Bringing your Pets
  • Culture & Expat Life in Italy
  • Stories from Expats : Behind the Scenes of Purchasing a House in Italy,  Restoring a Farmhouse, Life as Single Woman & Dating in Italy and more!

Q&A with the Experts 

Come prepared with all your burning questions! On hand will be "Insiders & Experts" from an Italian Commercialista (Tax Account, Business Advisor Specialising in European Financing) Fabio Centurioni, Business Attorney, other Expats (from Holland & America) and of course Jason & Ashley Bartner! The expats are a mix of entrepreneurs & retirees that live in diverse settings from the rural countryside to the heart of a medieval village - giving you a better understanding on the pros & cons of city vs. country locations, some retired and others dabbling in holiday rentals/ AirBnB, all sharing stories of their struggles, successes & what keeps them loving life in Italy!

We recently interviewed Susan about her move & life in Italy: 
Entrepreneurs & Expats in Italy: Making the Move as a Single Woman in her 50's | Dogs, Dating & Renovating!

The Details:

This boutique, intensive workshop is limited to ten participants.
Includes three nights & four days accommodations, breakfast & dinner with local wine daily, Sunday lunch, evening aperitivi, daily seminars, printed workshop materials with a take home zip drive with extra resources and the full presentation + a one-on-one Skype chat before the workshop to help maximize your time in Italy & prepare for the trip!
​2750 Euro/Couple or 1950 Euro/Single
Book Now or request more details: http://www.latavolamarche.com/retire-in-italy.html
or email info@latavolamarche.com

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