Friday, January 19

Podcast from Italy: Florence vs. Ancona Airport, Long Layovers & Beer for Breakfast

A January update from our farmhouse & cooking school! With 55 kilos of salami hanging in our rafters, we’re adding another 55 kilos of sausages this Saturday. This warm winter we are ready for winter projects around the house after a short trip away. We flew out of our local airport of Ancona which was a pleasure (especially compared to Florence - we explain why!),  check for flights into Ancona for a nice & easy arrival into a tiny airport and leisurely drive to our farmhouse!  Plus we share a priceless long layover travel tip! 

 Thanks for listening!! Podcast from Italy #113 Podcast from Italy: Florence vs. Ancona Airport, Long Layovers & Italian "Public Relations" Dowload/Stream on iTunesStitcher or Podbean

Here's that beautiful German breakfast I ordered at the airport in Munich: sausages, warm pretzel & a Pilsner - it was perfect! (Notice how Jason went with boring eggs & bacon...I definitely won the ordering challenge)

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