Friday, December 7

Podcast from Italy: The BEST Christmas Markets in Italy

A holly jolly packed podcast upon our return from a road trip to the Alto Adige/Sud Tirol/Alps! From  a minor league hockey game at 1250mt, a wood working workshop to endless Christmas markets we recount our week including our first experience with "German Spa Rules"...! Happy Holidays

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A few photos from our road trip... (be sure to follow me on instagram for more!)

Tuesday, December 4

There's still time for the perfect gift... Gift Certificates for our Cooking School

Think outside the box this Christmas... think Italy!
Instead of the usual wrapped boxes under the tree, why not give the best gift of all - an experience together, cooking in Italy and memories that last a lifetime!
Gift Certificates available for our cooking workshops or surprise them with booking the whole farmhouse and create a custom & bespoke culinary experience​! And the best part for shopping procrastinators, within 24 hours of purchase you will have a beautiful high resolution pdf ready to be printed and placed under the tree!

Send me an email at or visit our website!

Happy Holidays! 
Ashley Bartner
La Tavola Marche​ (farm, inn & cooking school)

PS. Our friends at Smitten Italy​ have collected a fantastic list of 8 Delicious Italy Experiences if you are already headed to Italy to help round out your trip ... and waist line!
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Thursday, June 7

Podcast from Italy: House Hunting in Italy Tips

This is a short but info packed episode! Sharing a slice of our Move to Italy Workshops - we share a few tips & important questions to ask while house hunting in Italy! It can all be so exciting and dreamy but take the time to ask these questions to the estate agent or owner to help you understand if this house is right for you, not to mention red flags to look out for!

Then we turn to bitchin' about bureaucracy, one of our favorite infrequent segments, while stewing in paper work and immigration we can't help but share a few of our frustrations. Plus the usual updates from the farmhouse, we're bottling 300 + liters of local wine & the local gossip!

... And a little podcast gossip - according to PlayerFM we are in the 50 Best Italy Podcasts 2018 (we're actually in the top 10!) right behind all the Rick Steve's Podcasts!!

Thanks for listening!! Podcast from Italy #120
House Hunting in Italy Tips & Bitchn' about Bureaucracy 
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Photo of Monte Nerone - the big beautiful mountain above Piobbico. Just a lovely reminder of why we love living here...

Sunday, June 3

LIVE on Facebook: Bottling 300+ Liters of Wine

A typical Sunday in Italy, the birds are chirping, cats napping in the evening sun and we are bottling 300 + liters of local wine for the farmhouse!  A staple in our cantina is the award winning Verdicchio classico from Sartarelli (a fantastic crisp white that's perfect with a creamy pecorino cheese or better yet grilled fish!) and this year for  the red we are bottling a Montepulciano - Sangiovese blend from Vignamato. Both wineries are located just outside of Jesi in Le Marche.

Watch our Facebook LIVE! video of bottling wine!

Enjoy the quick tutorial and it's back to work for us! Have a lovely Sunday - buona dominica!

Tuesday, May 22

Workshop: Pickle, Preserve & Confit | August 24-29, 2018

Learn to preserve the fruits of your labor from the garden all year long! We are constantly asked how we jar our tomatoes (over 300 kilos/year) and other pickled preserves - hence this workshop was born as a fun way to share what we've learned from the locals using produce from our farm. Plus you will learn one of the oldest ways to preserve, confit - a method to preserve duck, rabbit, goose & even lemon, etc. The best part - take home what you've made!!

After years of inquisitive guests, cooking class students and random emails on how we jar and preserve hundred of kilos of tomatoes a year - we finally created a workshop to teach you the old ways! (In all honesty a guest was helping us jar one year & suggested it- Brilliant Jamie!!)

Two-day workshop covering: Pasturized vs. Pickled - learn the differences, techniques and hazards as well. We will pickle 2 ways, preserve/jar and confit (preserving under fat). The menu includes: Confit of Rabbit, Confit of Lemons, Tomato Passata, Jarred Tomatoes in Pieces (old school Italian style), Spicy Tomato Compote, Quick Pickled Veggies, Pickled depends on what's coming out of the garden!

 Includes: 3 Nights Accommodations, Workshop, Welcome Dinner, Breakfast Daily and Lunch during course, hand-made apron.

​Preserve, Pickle & Confit
AUGUST 24 - 29, 2018 
650 Euro/person

Saturday, May 5

Spring photos from our farmhouse in Italy

Just a few photos taken this Spring at our farmhouse & cooking school and out & about in Le Marche.

The photo above is laundry day in Sant'Angelo in Vado. Stopping at the bank and making my way through the busy main street I noticed the colourful laundry and couldn't resist!

Below are the busy hands at work during our Pasta & Sauces Class - closing properly our homemade ravioli stuffed with wild greens and ricotta.

Introducing our newest addition to the farm: a young turkey - we're naming him Pablo thanks to a suggestion from a 9 year old Dutch girl that has been a guest every summer with her family the last 5 years!

Coming up from the coop, our laundry dancing in the Spring breeze.

 Part 2 of the Pasta & Sauces Class - handcut tagliatelle!

Cleaning artichokes outside during our Four Course Dinner Party Class...

then back in the kitchen and back to work!

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Wednesday, May 2

Podcast from Italy: The Long Road to Italian Citizenship...

A month after our last podcast & Spring has sprung! The chickens, turkey & rooster are happyily roosting in their new home - our coop! Spring garden updates and improvements...and frustrations! Jason explains how he utilizes our wood oven at different temperatures & cook many more dishes than just pizza, even a chocolate cake! The we chat about our 10+ year road to Italian citizenship and the latest in the saga!

Thanks for listening!! Podcast from Italy #119
The Long Road to Italian Citizenship & the Wood Oven is for more than just Pizza!
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Friday, April 27

Recipe: Beet Risotto with Burrata

Recently at the butcher Jason was lamenting that he was looking for a new recipe to try. The young female assistant butcher chimed in with "try beet risotto with burrata, trust me."  She gave him a blow by blow of the recipe and he took quick mental notes. Jason promptly returned home with a ball of gooey burrata and deep purple beets.

 The color, the creamy texture it was an immediate classic! Enjoy this new recipe of beet risotto with burrata, thanks to our local butcher!

(click the recipe to enlarge or print)

Add stock as needed along the way...

The secret tip: close the lid at the end!!

Serve with a rosé or crisp white. Buon Appetito!

Wednesday, April 25

The Wood Oven Workshop: More than just Pizza!

There was a big boom in the pizza oven business in the last few years. Most who bought an oven took a pizza class or two and definitely has watched countless hours of youtube videos. However, few know how to use their oven for more than a good nepolitana or margherita!

Learn to properly fire up and use the wood oven for more than just pizza (even though we'll make that too!) Utilizing the oven at varying temperatures we will make; Pizza, Stuffed Lemons or Peppers & Anchovies (Appetizer) and Peposa (Slow Cooked Lamb) or Spezatini (Slow Cooked Stew) which will cook OVERNIGHT! The class will continue the next afternoon for dinner.

Here are a few photos from our latest wood oven workshop, the menu: Roasted Peppers with Anchovies, Roast Beef and Roasted Potatoes, Focaccia, Chocolate Cake and Rabbit Confit along with Lamb Peposo overnight!

The next dates:

11-14 JUNE

Focaccia or Pizza depending on your request...

...and then the dishes that slow cook over night.

Includes 3 nights accommodations, welcome dinner with wine, Wood Oven class with 2 meals, wine & handmade apron gift.
​950 Euro/couple or 760 Euro/single

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