Saturday, December 9

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Kitchen

Watch our Facebook LIVE! video sharing a few of our favorite things - 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Kitchen - all tools used in our cooking school and kitchen daily! From luxe to stocking stuffers & in no particular order here are the links below!

Be sure to watch the video to find out why we chose these great gifts!

1. Falk Copper Cookware - This is true craftsman ship! Beautiful handmade copper cookware - start your collection with either a sauté, sauce or fry pan! These pots & pans are Jason's favorite kitchen tools! They are worth the investment, don't be fooled by fake knock-offs.

2. Cutting Board with a Lip/Edge   - Stop the slippage with a lip! 

3. Chinois -   A classic fine mesh strainer.

4. Parchment Paper - I know, weird to be on a Christmas list but it makes a great stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift for anyone who cooks because it's so versatile! (I think Jason should invest in parchment stock!) From lining a baking sheet to using it as  - a lid or piping's indispensable in the kitchen! Buy it by the roll, not individual sheets!

5. Food Mill - from tomatoes to potatoes, keep one in your pantry.

6. Bialetti Moka & Milk Frother - It's a classic and makes most Italy lovers gift lists. We use ours every day, many many times a day! Bialetti is our moka of choice and this simple hand pumper/frother works like a charm. And here's (one of my first videos) on how to use it and make a proper Italian caffe!

7. Lexan - Take tupperware to the professional level. 

8. Big Pasta/Stock Pot - You can never boil pasta in too much water! This is when you hit up a restaurant supply store and buy the biggest pot your stove can handle. Nothing fancy needed it's just to boil water - and a lot of it!

9. Cookbooks - On every kitchen/cooking/food lovers christmas list are cookbooks! Our recommendation is simple: The Silver Spoon - get both in English & Italian, Il Cucchiaio d'Argento they are different. And a personal favorite is The Food of Spain, when the kitchen is closed for the winter we happily eat our way through this cookbook!

10. Cheese Grater - Ok this is the wild card item. This is an Italian military issued cheese grater, made for the battle field! We found this antique item in our farmhouse when we moved in (for years we didn't know what it was!)

Happiest of Holidays! 
Let us know your favorite's to add to the list for next year!

...hopefully our kitchen renovation will be done in time for Christmas!!!

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