Tuesday, November 14

FAIL: Stoccafisso - Stock Fish

Sometimes you hit a home run with trying a new recipe and other times you strike out big time... this was one of those times!

After a chance encounter with an old man delivering stoccafisso to Fusciani, Jason eagerly purchased one on the spot. Not sure what exactly to do with it - he was excited and eager for the challenge. The old man was familiar with where we lived and suggested placing the fish in the river next to our house to rehydrate. Well instead of going old school & rigging a cage to place the fish in the river  (to make sure none of the wild animals - including our cats tried to eat it) Jason opted for the more modern approach in our outdoor kitchen sink; placing the fish in a big plastic bin with constant running water.  Continue this for 14+ days!

All of our guests  throughout the month of October know what I'm talking about - that big ol'fish in the sink...

We were so excited to finally COOK it after all these weeks of prep that we filmed a Facebook Live! video of Jason preparing the dish he researched: Stoccafisso all vicentina, a classic Venetian recipe.

It sounded simple enough: dredge the fish in flour, place in a pot, then fill the pot with herbs, garlic, anchovy - then pour almost a liter of olive oil along with milk and cook very slowly...(Of course there's a bit more to it but that's the gist.)

Little did we know what an awful smell we would be unleashing into our kitchen... It was horrible - the smell, the texture and the taste. I'm not sure what we did wrong - but it wasn't good. At all.
In fact, no one wanted to eat it - not us, the guests, Gaggi or his buddy! Gaggi didn't even want us to feed it to his dog!

We'll stick to baccala from now on!
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