Wednesday, October 11

Podcast from Italy: House Hunting Questions Answered

For the faithful podcast listeners your questions will be answered in this podcast on where we are moving next! It feels good to have made a decision and now it's time to get to work with the house projects we want to tackle before the 2018 season begins! In local news: Thankfully September has brought mild wet weather - perfect for mushroom hunting - so this is the talk of town, along with the road work being down on our white road - Via Candigliano. And to top of the podcast/week - we went skydiving with the porchetta guy! Thanks for listening!!

Thanks for listening! Podcast from Italy #108 - Big NEWS! House Hunting & Spontaneous Skydiving! Dowload/Stream on iTunesStitcher or Podbean

More photos and the video of our jump to come...!!

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