Saturday, September 2

Cooking Classes + Wine + Yoga = Yogalush in Italy

The end of August marked the return of Yogalush  - a group of 14 yogis who put the lush in Yogalush interested in eating, wine, cooking and all things pork from Seattle & Twisp, Washington! This is not a vegan, raw-food crowd (thank god!) mornings spent with 2 hour yoga sessions by the pool just after sunrise and afternoon's either in the kitchen taking a cooking class or in the cantina trying local wines!

An evening aperitivo before dinner made by half the group in their cooking class!

Yoga helps you digest the morning after eating 18 pizza's by 14 people!

Then back to the kitchen for another cooking class!

Thanks so much to Val for rounding up another great Yogalush crew!

hard at work...

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