Wednesday, July 5

Kids 'Unplugged' in Italy: Put down their devices, get dirty in the garden & learn to cook

We have all seen it. A nice family sits down to dinner at your favorite local restaurant. While mom and dad scope out the menu brother and sister immediately whip out their phones like Wyatt Earp and his pistol at the Ok Corral. You glance over to peek at their screen and they are both focused intently on none other than Jewel Quest.

Oh the travesty.

As a proprietor of an Italian Aguturismo deep inside the Italian countryside many families with kids make their way up and over the pass through endless windy dirty roads and stop at Ca Camone with feelings of trepidation. How on earth can this farm house possibly have high speed Internet?

Truth be told, we do have internet, at times and hardly high speed. Due to our rural location we are lucky enough to have any of life's technological advances. Internet comes and goes, partly due to our location and partly due to power accidentally being cut to the wireless router.

Upon check in, and the realization of poor to no Internet access there is a moment of confusion followed by panic. Having been addicted to constantly checking your phone for endless texts, movies, music, podcast etc there is always that realization that the cell phone in your pocket has just become a small, inadequate paper weight.

An hour in and the mood turns. Kids understanding that the safety and lack of boundaries at our farmhouse provide them with endless exploration and they quickly become kids again. Sticks being used as swords, rocks as artillery. Once "picky eaters", now literally pick veggies off the vine & pop them straight into their mouths.  Their little imaginations blossom and before you know it the cell phones are left in their rooms to sit alone and die a small painful death of battery loss. Who would have thought?  They loose track of time in the garden, help prepare lunch in the kitchen and jump in the pool to finish the perfect day... without a cell phone/device or Jewel Quest in site!

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