Tuesday, June 27

Podcast from Italy: Orvieto & Lake Bolsena + An Interview with the Brother

Here's what you've all been waiting for - an interview with brother Zack! We snuck away while family was in town to Lake Bolsena and Orvieto for a few days to explore Lazio and enjoy the tourist free lake...but more importantly due to listener demand we have interviewed Jason's brother Zack (aka Fat Zac) and we hope you enjoy the banter!

Thanks for listening! Podcast from Italy #104 - Bolsena & Orvieto Travel Plus an Interview with Brother Zack Dowload/Stream on iTunesStitcher or Podbean

Here's a photo of the chinook we talk about!

Full post on Bolsena coming up later this week!

Friday, June 23

A Little Love for the Military from Americans in Italy: 15% Off Last Minute Summer Getaway

Our farmhouse and cooking school has quietly become a sort of home away from home for many military families and couples stationed in Europe (especially Rammstein, Naples & Aviano) from family vacations to last minute romantic weekends & yoga retreats. I think it's partially due to our central location in Italy, partially because we are easy going Americans but mainly from the powerful word of mouth machine that is the military wife. In all honesty these are some of my favorite guests - the kids are all engaged and eager to participate in the farm life and cooking, they don't mind the bugs (it is the countryside after all) & feel like they are at camp as the parents relax by the pool or patio with a glass of crisp cold rose as they eagerly wait for a beautiful dinner to be served shortly. Feeling like a million miles away from the base and official business (even though it was only a 4 hour drive), with the ease of speaking English, we catch up on Football or Baseball scores, share our cravings of what we miss most about back home and enjoy hearing stories of travel, battle and life. I like it because we connect on a deeper level having these shared experiences. 

To say thank you for all your support throughout the years, we'd like to extend this special for the Military & their Spouses/Families of 15% off your stay in July & August 2017 at La Tavola Marche our farm, inn and cooking school. It is a small gesture I know but heartfelt from our small farm.

Jason and I just wanted to take a moment and sincerely say, thank you!  From simply telling others about your stay & sharing the photos on Facebook, helping us pick tomatoes to literally filling your SUV with rations from the BX: Mexican food, pop tarts, PEOPLE magazine & 2 dozen Rubber Maid crates, to the times of need, when many of you reached out to us personally & rallied behind us to offer help in any way, shape or form (and you actually did!), we can't express our gratitude enough for sticking with us through the good times and the bad.

The Details:
15% Off Military Discount Off Your Stay at La Tavola Marche
 during JULY & AUGUST 2017.
Contact and book: www.latavolamarche.com or info@latavolamarche.com. 
Please include what base you are stationed at and branch of military. Discount of 15% is applied to your apartment rental and includes all taxes. Cannot be combined with any other special offers/discounts.

Get'em goat! At the Navy vs. Notre Dame Football Game in Dublin, Ireland (August 2012)

A Few Reviews from Military Families:
"I traveled to la tavola marche with my sister, spouse her hubby and my 9 month old little boy... I have to say it was very quiet, this is one of the best parts when you have small children, quiet is hard to come by and I loved the views from ever location I found myself...I am military married to military and we have a hard time scheduleing vacations do to the frequent deployements so it was a short 4 hr drive from our location... We all enjoyed the company the laughs the great food & vino and watching jason put togather unique plates for us to try...We appriciate the hospitality and the welcoming smiles, we will be returning next yr at this time, we are bringing all our friends... we cant wait!!! - The Irvine's :0)"

"What a great place to visit! Not only is the farmhouse and grounds just breathtaking, but Jason and Ashley made our stay memorable with their hospitality, knowledge of the area, fun and welcoming personalities and let's not forget the food! Jason's cooking and cooking classes were top notch!! Amazing is not a strong enough word to describe our stay. I visited with a group of women, but want to visit again with my family. I enjoyed everything about our stay. Kudos to Jason and Ashley on creating a perfect Italian get away!"

"My husband and I had a wonderful time during our stay at La Tavola Marche. Jason and Ashley are wonderful hosts and attract a great group of guests. We made great friendships while there! We participated in the Consultant Workshop on starting a hospitality business in Italy; their insight was invaluable and will ensure anyone interested in moving to Italy has a realistic understanding of the process. Their workshop and guest speakers provided us with new options and exposure to running a business abroad.

We had never been to this part of Italia...off the beaten path. We would wake up to a breakfast of an Italian cafe, fresh fruits and eggs; after that we either relaxed reading by the pool or drove to explore other sites near by; to include one of the monthly antiques market (one of the largest I have seen). We wrapped up the days with workshop lessons and wonderful meals cooked by Jason. Jason's professional culinary skills clearly demonstrated in his regional dishes and homemade pasta & cured meats."

Saturday, June 17

Photos from A Festive Night in Mondavio

Summer festival season has kicked off in Italy! With family and friends in town we drove out of the mountains and towards to the coast to the soft rolling hills of Le Marche for a "Cuisines of the World" festival in Mondavio.  Jason & I were so excited at the prospect of Chinese, Mexican...something other than Italian for the night.

However, as expected the selection of food was not what I would call "of the world" - a few food trucks from Puglia overflowing with taralli, one from Spain serving paella, a craft beer stand with a Japanese name but made locally and of course the busiest food stand: pasta with truffles.  It always impresses us how not matter what size of festival there is (feeding 50 - 500) the pasta is ALWAYS cooked perfectly!

Just as we arrived the medieval festivities began (I have no idea what that has to do with cuisines of the world but...) making the night perfectly Italian.

We meandered about the tiny town, in awe of the massive antique trebuchets/catapults, bought beautiful handmade tablecloths, rocked out to young Italians covering Classic Rock (and doing a damn good job), ate too much pasta and enjoyed a spectacular sunset in good company.

Mondavio (PU) Le Marche, Italy

Wednesday, June 7

Podcast from Italy: New Copper Cookware for our Cooking Classes

It feels like Christmas in June with a huge delivery of copper cookware for our cooking classes!! Jason researched for months and explains his choice  - listen to find out why we chose these handmade Belgium beauties from Falk. Jason is happy to answer any of your questions about the cookware and will let you know his thoughts as he puts them to good use in our kitchen and cooking school.  Plus I read a few more chapters of the book including "Welcome to the Neighborhood" delivering apple pies to our new neighbors...

Thanks for listening! Podcast from Italy #103 - Dowload/Stream on iTunesStitcher or Podbean

And just for fun - here's our cheesy 'unboxing' of this beautiful new set of cookware!!

More to come on these beauties for sure...

Thursday, June 1

Video: A Spring Visit to Piedmont

A Spring visit to Piedmont in the North to meet a few artisan wine makers & visit the famous villages of the wine making area! Barbera, Barbaresco, Alta Langa Brut! We visit Ca' del Baio and Avezza wineries, and tour through the Langhe and Monferrato, with a stop to visit the butcher & pasta maker too.  We filmed this for Babarolo www.babarolo.com - an American expat that ran a B&B in Piemonte then sold her business to start exporting artisan wines from family run wineries from the area she grew to love and call home. Check out their website for some outstanding wines from Piedmont! 

Watch Primavera in Piemonte

And a few photos from the trip...

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